23 авг. 2010 г.

Like my flower like me!

I like freesias - they are so beautiful! :))

This was done in Illustrator CS4.

And here are rather weird and messy sketches. On the left - drawn on paper with pencil, and on the right - done in Photoshop in a bit crazy colors. But in vector I decided to use monochrome gamma. :)

16 авг. 2010 г.

One of my favourite work projects

These are illustrations I did for a client from Russia, Shoes' House "Forum".
And as you may guess it's all about shoes, boots and sandals.
We made illustrations for each season, starting with Winter 2009-10.


And these were for Spring 2010.

Details and sketches

And Summer 2010.

And finally the most recent one - Fall 2010.


All of these were drawn in CorelDRAW, sketches I made in Photoshop. This project was the first one, when I began to show the client the potential coloring on the stage of a sketch.

And all the clothes, shoes, accessories were mostly given by the client, and reinterpreted by me either in colors or in combining shapes, elements or totally changing some parts. :)

12 авг. 2010 г.

Sketches and final illustrations

Well, the first post with images will be this one: few sketches and final images.

As you may see I can make either very detailed sketches or just a quick draft with pencil or pen (as in the first one). I also love to make several sketches of the same image. And I flip images pretty often, in order to find out mistakes and sometimes even keep the flipped image as a final picture. :)

Hi everyone! ^_^

This is going to be my english speaking blog, where I intend to post my illustrations, sketсhes and the stuff like that. ;)